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Evelyne Vuillermoz

Applied Cultural Semiotics
Process of creativity
Science of Education
Aesthetics and Ethics, NON-Violence

Graduated from the Social Science Division, University of Grenoble (France), Master degree in Business Law, Diploma in Advanced Studies in Tax Law.

After ten years in a professional activity as a fiscalist, I turned to the interdisciplinary Humanities Studies, including Psychology, Sociology and Fine Art .

I implement my expertise in an interdisciplinary field called Applied Cultural Semiotics . The Cultural Semiotics proposes in particular to study the signs of social transformation through the dysfunctional elements of the society. It takes into account all cultural signs, verbal and non-verbal, behavioral, scientific, social and aesthetic dynamics, in order to construct meaning, fostering innovation. This is a transdisciplinary crossroad that appeals especially to Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Science of Mind, Psychology, Aesthetics, the  Theory of Information and Communication.

I am also a painter.

Evelyne Vuillermoz
Artiste peintre

Sémiologie Culturelle Appliquée
Dynamique de la créativité
Esthétique et éthique

Je suis diplômée en Sciences sociales de l’Université de Grenoble (France). Je me suis ensuite tournée vers les Sciences humaines et les Beaux-Arts.

Je suis artiste peintre. J’applique également mon expertise en Sémiologie Culturelle Appliquée et en dynamique de la créativité.